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Your boat should be an accessory to your lifestyle, and if you crave durability and versatility then I’m speaking to you. That’s why I like making custom aluminum boats for my clients. Blazer is a small family run business like my own. They appreciate quality and craftsmanship above all else. You and your needs are unique so why not make your blazer boat custom to meet them?

– Denny Berberich

Custom Blazer boats: 5 reasons for going aluminum


Ever notice that almost all the canoe outfitters in Missouri use aluminum canoes? It’s the diverse conditions you encounter in our Ozark waterways that demands something durable with enough give that it doesn’t puncture a hole when your hull scrapes across shallow gravel bars or rolls over submerged rocks and logs. That’s why I use Blazer hulls, they like us know what can get thrown at you out on the water.

Light weight

Aluminum outboards are lightweight and great for shallow water. Making them easy to muscle around in a pinch. Giving you the freedom to explore and fish the diverse waterways our beautiful Ozarks provides.


Sometimes you just want to fill the cooler and pull up onto a gravel bar somewhere with the family. Nothing is better than watching your kids and grand kids play in the water, or throwing a stick into the current for the dog to fetch.


Depending on where and how you like to fish we can tailor the hull of your boat to fit your needs. Do you like fishing lakes and deep water? Then a deeper more tapered hull that cuts through the water is for you. Or maybe you like fishing the riverways, in that case a shallower hull with a flatter bottom is best.


I know I’ve mentioned river hazards a lot, but don’t forget lakes have them too. Sometimes exploring and getting where the fish are means putting your boat in tricky spots, and you don’t want to worry if you’re boat is bumping up against exposed trees and submerged stumps.

Excited yet!?  

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We start by helping you select the options and features you’d like for your custom aluminum boat.

As a Blazer Dealer, we will build your boat custom to fit your needs!

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Let us build a Blazer boat custom to your needs.

– Denny Berberich